Our Method

The CelestHealth System offers two reports: the Clinical Report for the psychotherapist and client and the Center Outcomes Report for the clinical director.

CelestHealth Clinical Report

The CelestHealth Clinical Report is based on the responses of a single client. At each session, the client completes the questionnaire(s) on the CelestHealth website using a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer. The clinician immediately receives the color-coded Behavioral Health Profile, Suicide Monitoring Scale, and the Dose-Outcome Graph as well as alerts for Psychotherapy Readiness and Personal Effectiveness. CHS-MH's session-by-session monitoring allows clinician and client to work together to make timely adjustments to psychotherapy based on the client's current profile.

CelestHealth Center Outcomes Report

The Center Outcomes Report is available to the center's administrators. This comprehensive outcomes report provides data for all clients at the center and includes the following: (a) average number of psychotherapy sessions across clients; (b) the number and percentage of clients recovered, improved, deteriorated, and showing no change; (c) the average intake score across clients compared to the score at the most recent session; and (d) a frequency table (number and percentage) showing clients' intake mental health levels (Normal Range, Mild Distress, Moderate Distress, Severe Distress) in comparison to the levels at the most recent session. Administrative Report information is provided for the CHS-MH scales and Global Mental Health.

Once the client completes the CelestHealth instrument(s), the new data are calculated immediately into his/her Clinical Report.