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Dr. Kopta and the BHM-20 Featured on CNN
Dr. Mark Kopta and the Behavioral Health Measure-20 were the focus of a news story on CNN. The story highlighted the use of the BHM-20 by the U.S. Department of Defense and its screening value for the airlines. Read the article

Beta Testing of the CelestHealth System-MD at Johns Hopkins University
Beta testing began for the CelestHealth System-MD at Johns Hopkins University Counseling Center.  In patent pending status, the CHS-MD assesses the effects of psychiatric medications across visits using the BHM-20 or BHM-43 as the outcome measure. Our thanks to Dr. Michael Mond, Director of the counseling center, for his leadership in conducting this research. October 2014.

CelestHealth Solutions Awarded Department of Defense Contract
CelestHealth Solutions LLC has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Department of Defense to provide the military with the CelestHealth System-MH Consequently, CHS software will be installed in several hundred primary care medical centers associated with the Navy, Marines, Army, and Air Force.

Associated Press Features CelestHealth System/Behavioral Health Measure
The CelestHealth System/Behavioral Health Measure was the primary focus of an Associated Press article, distributed 5/23/2011, on the computerized assessment of mental health. A sample of the media that featured the story includes Forbes, USA Today, Huffington Post, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, New York Times, Chicago Tribune and The Wall Street Journal. May 2013. Read more at NBC News website...

CelestHealth Research Group Finishes Testing The New CelestHealth System-ER In a Hospital Emergency Department
The CelestHealth Research Group (CHRG) completed its research in the Emergency Department at a midwest medical center to test the new CelestHealth System-ER (CHS-ER). Patients with psychiatric problems entering the hospital's Emergency Department were assessed with the CHS-ER. The system was found to be significantly more sensitive to suicidality than the ED physicians’ clinical judgments.  The results of the study were presented at the annual conference of the American Psychological Association, August 2012, Orlando.

CelestHealth Research Group Presents Counseling Center Outcomes At Meeting Of The Midwestern Psychological Association, May 5-7, 2011
In their paper "Improving Psychotherapy Outcomes Using an Electronic Feedback System: The Beginning of the Validation Process", CelestHealth researchers presented outcomes findings for over 12,000 clients from 12 university counseling centers. The co-authors included--in order of authorship--Mark Kopta, Danielle Raymond, and Lacey Conley, University of Evansville; Takuya Minami, University of Wisconsin; and Megan Petrik, Marquette University. The findings suggest that psychotherapy using the CelestHealth System-MH may increase benefit when compared to therapy as usual. The study compared CelestHealth findings with those from large published outcomes studies. 

Dr. Kopta Presents Half Day Pre-conference Workshop At The Annual Meeting Of The Association For University And College Counseling Center Directors (AUCCCD)
Dr. Mark Kopta presented a half day pre-conference workshop at the annual AUCCCD meeting, Portland, OR, October 16-20, 2010. The workshop was entitled "The Future is Here for College Counseling Centers: Counseling Works, Preventing Suicide, and Improving Outcomes." The workshop featured CelestHealth outcomes data on 13,324 clients, presented assessment and treatment methods used to reduce suicidality, and introduced approaches for improving counseling outcomes.

CelestHealth Research Group Presents One Panel And Four Papers At The International Meeting Of The Society For Psychotherapy Research, Asilomar, Ca, June 23-26, 2010.
The CelestHealth Research Group presented one panel and four papers featuring data from over 3500 clients treated at the counseling centers at Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, and the University of Minnesota. The findings strongly support the validity and reliability of the CelestHealth instruments in assessing the phase model, indicating psychotherapy change, assessing the different levels of suicide risk, and predicting psychotherapy outcomes.

Five CelestHealth Research Papers Presented At Conference
The CelestHealth Research Group presented five research papers and a panel at the meeting of the Midwestern Society for Psychotherapy Research, Milwaukee, October 2009. Three members of our group participated in the presentations--Stephen Mark Kopta, University of Evansville; Stephen Saunders, Marquette University; and Scott Leon, Loyola University-Chicago. Addtional co-authors on the papers were Wolfgang Lutz, University of Trier, Germany; Michael Mond, Johns Hopkins University; Richard Kadison, Harvard University; Glenn Hirsch, University of Minnesota; Larry David, Johns Hopkins University; Natalie Potruzsky, University of Evansville; and Lesllie Doll, University of Evansville.

Our research findings confirmed the Behavioral Health Measure-20 as a valid measure of the phase model and provided support for the validity and reliability of the Suicide Monitoring Scale. Additionally, our results showed that the Psychotherapy Readiness Scale and Therapeutic Bond Scale (when given at sessions 3 and 4) are valid and reliable predictors of psychotherapy outcomes.

CelestHealth Research Group Created In 2009
We are pleased to announce our new CelestHealth Research Group. This not-for-profit group is dedicated to behavioral health treatment outcomes research and includes some of the best researchers in the field. Mark Kopta, Ph.D. is Executive Director with Stephen Saunders, Ph.D., Marquette University and Wolgang Lutz, Ph.D., University of Trier, in Trier, Germany serving as Directors of Research. Our primary research sites for data collection are Harvard University Health Services, Johns Hopkins University Counseling Center, University of Minnesota Counseling and Consulting Services, and primary care medical centers at selected U.S. Air Force Bases.

BHM-20 Is Six Times More Effective In Detecting Suicide Than Physician Interviewers
Captain Craig Bryan, Ph.D., one of our Research Associates, and colleagues recently reported in Primary Care and Community Psychiatry that use of the Behavioral Health Measure-20 compared to a physician's interview improved detection of patients with suicidal ideation by 600%. See the Research link for the complete reference.

CelestHealth Clinical Report Introduced At National Conference
In October 2006, Mark Kopta and Michael Mond introduced the CelestHealth Clinical Report at the meeting of the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors in Vail, CO. The half-day seminar was entitled "How to Assess Mental Health Outcomes: Doing It and Telling Your Story". The introduction of the CHCR received national media attention; for example, stories on the CHCR appeared in the Indianapolis Star and Medical News Today.

CelestHealth Clinical Report Receives National Media Attention
The introduction of the CHCR received national media attention; for example, stories on the CHCR appeared in the Indianapolis Star and Medical News Today. 

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